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How to Change Created Date or Modify Date of Photos on MAC using Terminal

Creation Date / Modified Date
If you are changing the creation date attribute will also change the modified date attribute

1. to open Terminal application (/Applications/Utilities/

( cmd + space ) to open “Spotlight Search”
Type in “Terminal” press enter

2. Explain what is for creation date and modified date

-t = for created date
-mt = for modified date

Replace YYYYMMDDhhmm with the desired date information:

“touch -t YYYYMMDDhhmm “
“touch -mt YYYYMMDDhhmm ”
( copy without the question marks!! )

3. Type the following in the command line “Do not press enter/return” !

Example: 22nd May 1986 2:24 pm ( 14:24 ) or 22.05.1986 2:24 pm

-“touch -t 198605221424 “

-“touch -mt 198605221424 “

*UPDATE* If It’s not working then try this out
creation date: (angle bracket right) Setfile -d ’08/31/2019 11:00:00′ (angle bracket left)file.txt(angle bracket right)

SetFile -d ‘MM/DD/YYYY’ drag and drop file here (changing Creation date of file)
touch -t is used to change the modification date now onwards
Do not forget the space otherwise you get a message
( touch: out of range or illegal time specification: [[CC]YY]MMDDhhmm[.SS] )

4. Open Finder locate the file you wish to modify.
Drag and drop the file into the Terminal window, the file and path will be added to the end of the line.

Here is an example of what the line should look like:

Option 1: Single file
touch -t 198605221424 /Users/oosx-imac-17/Desktop/File.jpg

Option 2: Multiple file
touch -t 198605221424/Users/oosx-imac-17/Desktop/File1.jpg /Users/oosx-imac-17/Desktop/File2.jpg /Users/oosx-imac-17/Desktop/File3.png

Option 3: Folder ( Do not forget the /*)
touch -t 198605221424 /Users/oosx-imac-17/Desktop/FOLDER /*

Then press enter!

To check the date ( right click on file and “Get Info” ) or press ( cmd+I )

Also you can Add /* to the end of the command. If you’re only targeting a specific file type include its extension (e.g. /*.jpg).
touch -t 198605221424 /Users/oosx-imac-17/Desktop/FOLDER/*.jpg
touch -t 198605221424 /Users/oosx-imac-17/Desktop/FOLDER/*.pdf


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