Unable to deliver report output to file system – RSV-DST-0014 error


Getting an error “RSV-DST-0014 unable to deliver the output of the report” to file system and “CNC-DS-0029 The archive location file system root is invalid or cannot be found.

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  1. Problem
    Some report outputs configured to save to filesystem outside cognos gives intermittent error: RSV-DST-0014 unable to deliver output

    This is often caused by the asynchronous connection between the report server and the monitor (ms) or delivery (dls) services timing out due to load / delays on the system.

    Resolving the problem
    1. In IBM Cognos Administration -> Configuration -> Dispatchers and Services

    2. Click the Properties icon in the top-right to edit the properties of the top-level Configuration object
    3. Click the Settings tab, then click the Edit… link for the AdvancedSettings entry
    4. Add the following 2 Parameter/Value pairs:
    primary.wait.dls 360
    primary.wait.ms 360
    5. Click OK twice to save the changes
    6. Drill down to the service level and check the properties of the Monitor and Delivery services to double-check that they are inheriting the advanced settings from the top level.

    !!! Restart Cognos Services

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