What is the best alternative hosting provider to GoDaddy?


I have a Godaddy account over a year now and I would like to know if anyone can suggest for better hosting. The other day i had to wait on the line with Godaddy about 45mins or so! not cool!!! I heard better hosting providers out there for faster sites and better customer service help  , but still affordable.  I am not too tech savy but please fill me in with more detailed answers. Thanks,

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  1. Hi, I ‘m also experiencing the same type of issues with goDaddy.  I will look forward to hear the answer, hopefully soon …  Thank you

  2. Based on our research, when we compared on the following criterias;

    • – Speed
    • – Customer Service
    • – Price

    Our  answer would be FastComet.

    Please see yourself for more information and details about their services. You can also find head to head comparison with other hosting providers.

    It also comes with free lifetime domain which is great.

    START with FAST COMET here

    Soon we will also include this topic on our blog since it could be very useful information to share with everyone.

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  3. Read also more about Fast Comet hosting services in our blog here

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